Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome - pull up a chair.

We love to eat out. Love to try a new restaurant. Only when the restaurant is really good do we even return for a second meal. There are enough dining establishments in the city to try a new one each week.

These are our reviews - real and honest, the good and the bad, and simply the opinions of two people who dine out frequently. I dine with my husband as a couple and with our two young kids. We dine with friends, separately and together. We think we have pretty high standards as far as food goes. In fact, everyone who's ever asked us for a restaurant recommendation has never been disappointed. We lived in the city for 9 years, only recently moving to the Main Line, so we feel pretty comfortable sharing our thoughts. We can appreciate gourmet in an elegant dining setting as well as grub in the local pub. We'll give it to you real.
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