Monday, August 17, 2009


775 S. Front St., Philadelphia

It was time for Couples Dinner and the six of us headed to Southwark for drinks. An intimate spot, so not the best choice for our group pre-dinner drink. But they do have great service, wines and beers. The ambiance is soothing. Beautifully renovated with deep dark woodwork and jazz in the background--more appropriate for romance perhaps.

From there we strolled over to Saute, excited to try a new restaurant and with an outdoor space to boot!

While I want to give the food a relatively positive review, the service could have been better. Much better. Actually, our server could have had a better personality. How is it possible to be void of personality with a fun-loving group and their 6 bottles of wine? He alone nearly ruined the experience. Plus, the fact that they turned off the outdoor ambiance lighting on us (before 11 pm on a Saturday night!), completely pissed us off all to the point of not returning.

The new owners renovated the old Le Creole spot, even taking the trashbin filled alleyway and turning it into a nice outdoor area NOT on the sidewalk. Bonus! The menu is small, but makes it easier to choose. We started with the Crab and Tomato salad. The combined feedback from our group, "Where are the Jersey tomatoes?" These were flavorless and colorless. Fortunately, the dressing was nice and made up for the lack of tomato flavor. Shrimp ceviche had a nice kick and was fresh, however the avocado wasn't ripe or soft. Boooo. Grilled Pineapple was sweet at first then had a twist of heat. Nice. Polenta was sweet and salty, everyone loved it. And they put ripe tomatoes with it!

Lentils were coconuty, not to much curry. Scallops weren't gritty, very good. The special fish, Opah, was yummy over rice, but overcooked, as was the pork tenderloin.

Desserts were a waste of money. Someone likened them to "Jenny Craig Shit" Go somewhere else.

Before they turned the lights off on us, we all agreed we'd come back. The place has potential. Definitely hit or miss, and the outside was great. But the rudeness of kicking us out killed that chance.

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