Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sahara Grill - a quick review

1334 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 215.985.4155

A coworker and I had been trying for weeks to get together for lunch. Finally, our schedules allowed for it. She's not the most adventurous, having once dragged me into an Olive Garden for one of the worst meals I've had in years. If you can't do soup and salad well, you can't do anything well. So fat chance I was letting her pick the spot.

Sahara Grill is nearby and had good reviews so I thought I'd help my friend push her boundaries a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. A very small space with over a dozen tables. The staff was friendly enough, nothing over the top or rude. And the meal came out quickly. My friend and I both ordered the falafal with hummus platter ($9), so the opportunity to try a variety of items was off the table. But, it came with a small salad and hot pita wedges. Be sure you have your breath mints. The hummus is kicking, in a good way. About six falafal balls, crispy fried and soft inside. And the real friend loved them! Even the salad was flavorful.

The place filled up for lunch, which I tend to take as a good sign. I would definitely go back, maybe even try it for dinner with a friend on a casual night.
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