Friday, January 1, 2010


1415 W. Porter Street, Philadelphia

Yet another spot for Girls' Night Out, L'Angolo was selected not just for the delicious food, but also for its flirty Italian waiters. It makes the night that much more fun.

L'Angolo is intimate, cozy and friendly. The kind of place where the whole restaurant joins in to sing happy birthday.

We started off the evening with Bitch wine. We were in that kind of a mood. It was a little sweet but not as horrible as I thought it would be. Fun for the label.

Fresh bread with olive oil and olives promptly arrives at the table. And we quickly ordered up Baked Wild Mushrooms with rosemary and fontina ($8.50), heavy on the mushroom flavor, and fresh Grilled Calamari with herbed olive oil and lemon ($9), just right on the grilled flavor.

The grilled vegetable special with homemade ricotta was so good, my girlfriend wanted to "drink it with a straw".

Mahi mahi was fresh, but girlfriend pulled a whole piece of garlic out and was a little frightened of the repercussions. Lobster ravioli was also fresh and delicious. I can't imagine not ordering when I come in here.

Desserts were to die for. Especially the pumpkin cheesecake. Tiramisu I will never turn down but this was was "not bad"
Definitely worth a visit, and a return.

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