Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auspicious Chinese Restaurant

11 Cricket Avenue, Ardmore, 610.642.1858

A new, upscale Chinese restaurant has come to Ardmore. With glass storefront windows and neighbor to the famous Milkboy Coffee, Auspicious has over a dozen white clothed tables. Intimate, modern, clean and a sincerely friendly staff. We finally had a chance to try it tonight. We opted for take out and were pleased to find they had a few choices for kids. Really, they're just regular menu items only smaller portions.

So, here we are on a Thursday night, calling at prime "suburban" dinner time...6 o'clock order up some chow. Only a 15 minute wait for take out, but crowded inside and people without reservations waiting in line. Nice!

Kids had Ninja Noodles ($5.95) with chicken, carrots and broccoli (chicken lo mein) and sesame chicken with rice ($5.95). One meal would have been enough for my two girls. The lo mein was good, fresh and also had bamboo and string beans. The sesame chicken came in bite size pieces, glazed slightly sweet, but mild.

I had the Fragrant Lemongrass Chicken ($10.95) with brown rice, but instantly imagined that I had opened wide and sprayed a can of lemon-scented Pledge in my mouth. Fragrant is a gross understatement. Won't be ordering this one again. Husband had Stir Fry Creations in which you "create your own". You choose the ingredients and how it's cooked. He went for the Fiery Chile Garlic Beef ($11.95) with broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms and water chestnuts. It was labeled as spicy but not spicy enough for him. Overall, fresh and nice flavor, but the beef was of the thin skirt steak variety. If he had to do it again, he'd try it with the chicken.

When hubby paid for the take out with his debit card, the woman behind the counter walked out and around to hand him the food. Nice touch. I like that Auspicious is trying to be more of a restaurant than a take out place.


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