Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dewey Beach eats.

We were in Dewey Beach, DE and, of course, we ate out. So here's a quick summary.

North Beach - go for the Dewey Devils with a floater of 151 and whipped cream. Don't go for the food, unless you need to coat your stomach for the Devils with floaters. Also, don't sit on the railing. The rocks below hurt. And, if you need to go #1, there's sand all around. No one will know. Yeah, it's that kind of place.

The Starboard - absolutely get there for drinks. Sunday's Bloody Mary's are balls to the wall craziness. The food - only good when you're hung over or drunk, which most are. Hardcore drinkers welcome!

Nalu - new, and the menu looked amazing. Saw it too late to get there. Go!

Nick's - sandwiches served by Mamma with a mustache. Used to be good. Must of been hungover.

Ed's - steamed crabs, chicken, fries, etc. Had a couple bad crabs, but still good. Yum.


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