Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slate Restaurant

102 S. 21st Street, Philadelphia

Slate was a convenient choice for Girls Night Out. Being relatively new and close to the Cleopatra exhibit which the Girlfriends and I had just explored, why not venture a try? It was a cold night and we weren't up for a long walk.

Once we walked in, however, we were a little let down to see just one other table of patrons. That always makes me nervous. But, at least we have no problem getting a decent table. The ambiance was nice for a neighborhood restaurant. It had potential...

The menu was reminscent of typical bar food, but kicked up a notch. It looked promising.

We started with traditional calamari and spicy remoulade ($9) which was good. It was crispy and had a nice kick. The baked goat cheese ($8) salad with toast points was just average thanks to the bitter lettuce that was nearly inedible if you didn't pair a leaf with the cheese.

One Girlfriend and I ordered the tilapia in parchment paper with seasonal vegetables. If you're watching your waistline, this is the way to go as it has no sauce, no spice and no flavor. Just steamed fish and vegetables. However, it arrived for the Girlfriend...raw. As in, not on purpose and not edible. R.A.W. What chef doesn't check his food before it's sent out?

Another Girlfriend tried the pasta with scallops and shrimp. But it was oily and seemed to be "low tide in oil", because the scallops were fishy.

To top off our less than mediocre experience, the ladies bathroom was "pissy", and the wine pours were ridiculously slight.

Not worth a return visit...ever.


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