Friday, October 5, 2007

La Lupe, South Philly

I have never actually eaten in this place, but we ordered delivery from it nearly every Friday night. It was that good. I had to have my La Lupe fix. This is real Mexican. You know it's real when you call and it's easier to pronounce your phone number in Spanish.

My favorite was first the quesadilla pollo, then I took a chance and tried the enchiladas verdes. I didn't need to try anything else. My feeling was that if I didn't order the enchiladas verdes than it was an opportunity missed. We almost always had the pico de gallo with chips. That would prove to have surprise ingredients every time. Sometimes there would be avocado, sometimes not. Sometimes a lot of onions, sometimes radishes. Sometimes the container would be half empty... always exciting. The chips, more often than not, would be delivered warm. You just can't beat that. Jeff would almost always order the bistek burrito. It was huge. Easily enough food for two meals.


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