Friday, March 27, 2009


707 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-925-5555

Amada is my all time favorite restaurant in the city, so when Jose Garces opened up Chifa recently I didn't need to wait a month for them to iron out the kinks before going. He brought in his best, most professional wait staff who really knew the food, a Peruvian and Cantonese fusion of sorts.

Chifa is similar to Garces' other restaurants - sharing small plates. It's a great way to try many different foods. We ordered everything our server recommended and weren't the slightest disappointed. The Bluefin Tuna special was incredible. It is now a regular item on the menu but a modified version of what we originally had. Still delicious. I sent friends there for their anniversary dinner only to hear rave reviews of the Pork Belly Buns, and everything else they had. Since then, I've been back with some friends to find some of the dishes didn't quite live up to par, while others did. You'll start with puffy fried cheese rolls with spicy guava butter - if this was all they served we would have left happy. The Bluefin Tuna ceviche rocks and the Lobster Noodles were fabulous and filling.

If you feel overwhelmed by the menu, let the chef decide. You can't go wrong.

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