Friday, April 24, 2009

Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge

1225 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, 215.238.1903

Raw has been getting great reviews from friends, so a group of us went for lunch today. Lunch time on a Friday was relatively empty. I've heard dinner is packed. Raw a narrow space with a bar and an outdoor patio.

They have an extensive menu that is not cheap, but the quality and freshness are superb. I had the Sashimi Lunch Platter ($16) which comes with miso soup, a salad, two pieces each of tuna, salmon, and whitefish sashimi, and 6 pieces each of spicy tuna and tuna sushi. A ton of food! I don't think I've ever eaten fish this fresh.

Friends had the Bento Box lunches and Tempura, which was a work of art. This things come with a lot of food so don't be fooled. Really, when it comes to sushi, aren't you only worried that it's fresh and quality? You simply will not go wrong here.


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